ALEK Individual Software e.U.

Customized software development

Dr. Alekseev

software developer




Translation of websites:

  • English → Russian

  • German → Russian

You send me the code of a website in German or English, I translate the content into Russian and send back the code to you. You receive a fully functioning version of your website in Russian language. This will allow you to extend your network of clients and partners.

Quality is guaranteed!

  • Russian is my mother tongue
  • My language corresponds to the standard of literary Russian
  • I write various scientific and literary texts already more than 30 years, and they are published in press (see List of Publications).

I know how to do it!

This work can be done only by those who are at the same time good translators and programmers, because the translated content must be integrated into the HTML-code of the web page. This website is an example of how I do it.