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About me


I'm Dr. Vladislav Alekseev.

Born 1953 in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Russia.
Married, two adult daughters.


1953-1981– School, university, working as geologist and software developer in Leningrad
1981-1995– Working as geologist at the Academy of Science in the North of Russia
1995– Emigration with the family to Austria
с 1995– Permanent residence and work in Austria
с 2002– citizen of Austria

in the fields of mathematics and IT:

  • 4-year study "Mathematics for Engineers" (certificate, Mathematical-Mechanical Department of Leningrad University)
  • Specialist in IT solutions of optimization tasks (certificate, LIMTU-Leningrad)
  • Software Developer (diploma, WIFI-Graz)
  • Network Administrator (certificate, WIFI-Graz)
  • HTML+CSS (certificate, BFI-Graz)

Knowledge and experience in specific fields:

  • geology, paleontology, topography, cartography, library science, mathematics
  • university teaching, scientific conferences, oral and poster presentations, writing articles and reports
  • organization and guidance of geological field works in remote areas
  • education (certificates) and work experience in the areas of nursing, care of mentally disabled, and ambulance service

Doctor of Natural Sciences in geology
(specialization – structural geology and geological mapping)

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  • Books
  • Writing stories
  • Fishing
  • Cross-country skiing and jogging
  • Travels and adventures
  • Since 2007, volunteer Emergency Medical Technician at the Red Cross
  • Playing at amateur theatre